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June 13, 2012
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Brainless Endeavors by SorasPrincesss Brainless Endeavors by SorasPrincesss
Xion entered the stables, searching carefully around each bin for her brother. The chocobos ate their share of Gysahl Greens peacefully without being disturbed by her presence. The young ivory-haired girl frowned at the feathered creatures, finding no sign of Sora anywhere. After everything that's happened, she was sure to find him here.

She stepped anxiously and called out, "Sora!"

There was no response, plaguing her thoughts instantly with dread. Not that she blamed him for running off the way he did. After all, their parents were dead. Ansem, the current minister of Radiant Garden had accused them being corrupted by darkness, leading them to their deaths. The outcome even led him to declare that her and Sora were now cursed because of it.

During their parent's wake, Sora felt overwhelmed by the whole scene and fled. He usually picked his thoughts out at the stables were they used to work for the royal family. So after the service was over, she went off to go look for him. Despite only being fourteen, Sora was the oldest, and therefore, the responsible one. If there was anyone who could calm him down though, it was his sister. Xion had an oath to protect Sora, and continued to have faith that they would get through this. The noble Buldbagin family had even promised to take them in, so she knew there had to be hope.

Hearing some sniffles above her though, she turned her sights over to the ladder beside her. She grabbed hold of the ledges and gradually started to climb up each step. When she made it to the top, she pulled her weight forward and stepped onto the platform. The wood creaked a bit from her weight, startling the boy beside her. She turned to the person and smiled at the shape of his huddled form.

She called out with relief, recognizing him right away, "Sora!"

He lifted his head up from beneath his arms, "Xion…."

She crawled over to him, taking a seat beside him, "I was worried about you."

"You should be, we're cursed now." He countered miserably.

She frowned at his words, "Don't say that, Sora. You know it's not true. You're my big brother…you have to be the man now. I'm sure Papa would have said that if he was here."

"But he's not…. him and Mother…they were killed by the darkness." He turned his face over to hers with dread, "We'll be dead next…we're cursed…. the darkness is within us as well."

"Don't say that!" Xion shouted earnestly, "…. Mom and Dad were nice, and they were pure! How could they have been taken by the darkness? There…there has to be a mistake. And you always said it yourself! Ansem has always been a quack! And…."

She was quickly silenced, her eyes widening in shock when his lips ungracefully fell on hers. It held passion and a desperate need for warmth. Xion fell back onto the wooden floor, his body mounting over hers. The impact had taken the siblings both by surprise, sending their emotions into a whirlwind of chaos and bliss. The girl closed her eyes and silently cried from the forbidden embrace. She relished it, finding her youth to blossom after that. The need for his love grew, immersing her into oblivion of tenderness that should never be desired.

Not long, Sora broke the kiss and took off out of the barn. The kiss ended too soon for her. She rested there, feeling used and confused. She licked her lips, tasting the salty aftermath. Her mind ran into a brick wall of turmoil. Darkness slowly crept around her heart, causing her to grip her chest anxiously for comfort.

It was that day forward, that she understood what Ansem meant.

Story by :iconkiome-yasha:
Whole chapter can be read here [link] :heart:



(C) Square Enix & Disney

!NiladTheRogue*Heleannor (i did not edit her sora model, the picture was 90% photoshopped)~Dramakid99
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