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October 21, 2012
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Together We Make A Whole by SorasPrincesss Together We Make A Whole by SorasPrincesss
Because they do :heart:

I'm quite happy with how this came out.
I love making pictures with Sora and Xion of this kind because it's why I'm into this couple in the first place.
They will always share a bond with each other since they are both part of the same heart.
And the fact that Xion looks like Kairi, the girl Sora treasures, makes Sora and Xion sharing the same heart even more adorable to me :heart:
I worked hard on this picture <3
I tried out new techniques but I dont really know if it's noticeable :XD:
Anyways, I hope you enjoy :heart:


(C) Square Enix & Disney

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Sawah5231 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
Wow I love your comics! I've read all of the vanitas love story ones the part of you ones and the poor sora ones I spent the last 3 days reading them I drank tons of pop for the caffeine to stay up! :)
raberbagirl Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Although it's not as visually remarkable as most of your pictures are, it is definitely strong on theme, so I will be rambling a lot, sorry. XD (Warning ahead of time that Sora/Xion isn't one of my favorites, and I'll be talking about some other pairings that I don't think you like, but I'll try to tie it all together and make it relevant, and I do still love your Sora/Xion work! *anxious*)

I've told you before that your comic that you adapted from Kiome's fic was the first time that interpretation of Sora/Xion really hit home to me.... I was like, "Wow, I totally see why people ship this now." But when I tried to actually write that, all it did was reinforce RokuShi for me...the "two halves of the same heart" concept intrigues me, but I feel it more for RokuShi than I do for SoXi. Not as lovers, though - I've found that I vastly prefer Roxas & Xion as "identical twins," and I adore that relationship of theirs more than any romance pairings for really makes my heart warm to see them trotting around together like little duckling siblings. X3

But it's funny because the other day, I re-watched some Days cutscenes, and there's one line near the end where Xion says something like, "I am you, Roxas, the same way that I am Sora." I thought it was quite interesting to see canon evidence of the same interpretation for both pairings, in the very same line of dialogue! XD
But then you have KH3D, where Sora was insisting that he and Roxas are two separate people...Kingdom Hearts is so freaking confusing sometimes, but at the same time, I appreciate how all those multiple layers make it possible for people to come up with so very many interpretations, usually with canon support, and I find that fascinating - I think it's why I'm so obsessed with Kingdom Hearts pairings. XD I love seeing people take the exact same material but interpret it in so many different ways, most of which don't even contradict canon. KH is amazing. :3

Anyway, so I ADORE RokuShi as puppy siblings forever, and since that relationship, platonic as it is, is one of my OTPs, it hurts to see them inevitably drift apart when they get separate love interests. 3: I'm discovering more and more that my interpretation of RokuShi isn't very realistic (it wouldn't really work unless they both stay single forever...which I would totally be fine with, as long as they're happy XD), but nevertheless, it's precious to me, and the "two halves" concept is part of that.

Sorry for rambling about RokuShi like that; I don't mean any disrespect to SoXi, because I'm sure that SoXi fans feel similarly about that pairing as I do about RokuShi, and have plenty of reason to. :3 And for some reason, SoXi doesn't bother me like some other pairings do.... For instance, a lot of RokuNami stuff makes my RokuShi heart start crying, yet I'm fine seeing Xion shipped with Sora or Vani ( :heart: ) or whoever. I don't get it. ^^; Maybe it's Roxas as an individual I'm so protective of, I dunno. :/

And then, even more than RokuShi or SoXi or SoRoku or KaiNami or any other pairing in KH, the two who I think MOST embody "together we make a whole" is Ven & Vanitas. XD XD XD Like, I can accept everyone else becoming individuals and breaking off from whoever they were cloned from or whatever, but VenVan used to be the same person, even more literally than Sora & Roxas or Kairi & Namine were. Ventus was whole, then Xehanort broke him and now Ven's light and dark halves are missing each other, and I can accept that Vanitas might eventually grow his own heart and be his own person, too, my opinion, VenVan still have the closest bond than anyone else in KH. (Not as yaoi, but just...same person, dang it! XD)

And what's also funny is that you were the one who got me shipping VenVan like that - I was thinking about it, trying to remember as far back as I can, and I realized that Vanitas' Love Story is actually the only and first fanwork that got me into VenVan! The way you portrayed them as brothers is just so freaking beautiful and moving to me, their platonic relationship became another one of my OTPs, and I went from being amused by the soap opera to truly falling in love with the story once you started really getting into Vanitas's character growth and his relationship with his family (Ven Aqua Terra) - but I should probably save the rest of this for my comment on your VenVan chapter, shouldn't I. XD

Sorry if I repeat things to you that I've already told you before. DX

Anyway, back to this picture! Seeing your SoXi interpretation made me want to gush about the other pairings that I think have similar interpretations, but I'll try to stick to the point from now on!

Even though I don't personally "feel" it for SoXi like I do for RokuShi or VenVan, I still get why you feel it for them. And you've also got all those added layers that come from shipping SoXi as lovers, rather than just platonic like I do with most of my own favorite pairings. XD I wish I could write a SoXi story like your stuff, just to say I did, but it hasn't been working out so far. :/

Your own work is wonderful, though - even though I'm not particularly fond of SoXi, I still find many of your pictures of that pairing to be very beautiful and moving anyway. Your love for Sora/Xion really shines and speaks through those pictures. ^^

As far as this picture specifically, I think the blank background kind of diminishes the visual impact, but it still says quite a lot on a thematic level. I particularly like that the heart you chose to share between them is modified from the KH series logo. X3 I love references like that. Sora & Xion look like they're at peace, each of them resting with his/her "other half." :3

Sorry for the super-long, very rambly, not entirely SoXi-friendly comment! D: Like I said, your pictures make me feel a lot, and even though our pairing opinions aren't always the same, I still respect (and am fascinated by XD) your views, and am captivated by your art, regardless of pairings. :3 (Which was why I was so delighted when you uploaded that New Year's picture with SO MANY alternate pairings. XD That thing was so fun to comment on. <3)
SorasPrincesss Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i can see people shipping rokushi for the same reasons why i ship soxion :)
i always loved this strong connection between two persons, and since sora and xion share a connection like that, yet hardly had contact with each other in the series, i find it quite
interesting to imagine how they would react to each other if they're ever going to meet >///<
CuriousStraydog Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've always loved hald and half themes like this. So fitting for this amazing pair! :iconawwplz:
burningrage8-13 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you have a Photoshop CS5 program? If yes, where can I find one that's not a free download? Or where can I buy one?
sasukexodenys Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist
hehe, great work as ALWAYS.. :la: :D ..Sora your amazing,...o, Sora..not...Sora holding Xion's hand. ^^; heh,...gosh...Sora, i think i need to call you something else besides that...but..*sniff* it's sad because,....wene i meet you, heh, you were always a Sora to me, well...after all, Sora is actully a girls name, just like Riku. :O_o: so yeah, but you know, i can call you whatever you want me to call you Sora. :D say, you know what's funny? That Xion is Sora's like...twin? or half? but the fact is she actully looks like Kairi, heheh, i find that..heh, halerious. :D aaahhh, makes the game that much asome to play, i hope Xion get to be in the battle too, she would be a great allie.
SorasPrincesss Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol hopefully <3 :XD:

you can call me whatever you want, i go by princess or sp or guggi or anything you like lol :XD:
sasukexodenys Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist
SORA!! :glump: :dummy: ^U^ :huggle:
SmileyKairix3 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012
You did a good job! ;-)
But I want to dislike this picture because I hate Xion! -.-
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